Restaurant review

“I used to hear they were made of rats”

A TikTok user has sparked controversy online for his review of a dumpling restaurant in New York.

In a now-deleted video by TikTok user @brettconti that has since been reposted to Twitter, Conti portrays the Tasty Dumpling restaurant as “how I survived living in New York when I was broke.” He says the Chinatown establishment was selling five dumplings for a dollar when he frequented it six years ago.

Walking towards the entrance to the restaurant, Conti points to his sign and says, “That sign was definitely yellow, now it’s kinda brown,” with a “disgusting” emoji added to the footage. As he reaches for the front window, Conti expresses his disbelief, pointing out that the price of “dollar ravioli” has since been raised to $2.

After buying her food, Conti sits down in what appears to be a nearby park and reviews the dumplings.

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“Honestly, not bad,” he said. “I used to hear they were made of rats, but they taste good.”

Twitter users were outraged by Conti’s video, with some calling his criticism “casual racism”.

What a bit of casual racism eating said country’s ethnic food. Just kidding, he was probably raised that way,” one user wrote.

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“He knows exactly what he’s doing too… first he probably said dog meat and he was like no that’s too much,” another user commented.

Conti sparked further outrage after Twitter users discovered her clothing brand, Fortune New York, was selling items inspired by Asian culture and designs.

On its website, Fortune sells a “Black Oriental Hoodie” with a cherry blossom pattern, “Black Take Out Socks” adorned with Chinese takeout boxes, and a “Good Fortune Tee” with a maneki-neko.

The reposted video has garnered over 165,000 views on Twitter so far.

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