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Hotel Reviews: The View, United States

Next to the traditional guest rooms, there is a campsite with connections for motorhomes as well as cabins perched on the edge of the valley. Rooms are simple, but floor-to-ceiling windows bring the majesty of Monument Valley inside: soft dawn pink, fiery orange twilight. Book a “Star View” room on the third floor for the best views of the night sky.

Ultimately, you are here for the park. Guided Navajo tours, bookable through the hotel, can take you deep into the hinterland. Here, Navajo families still live the old-fashioned way, with no running water or electricity, living off the land as they have for centuries; you can learn how yucca and juniper are harvested to make baskets and bracelets, hear legends, find petroglyphs and spot wild mustangs roaming free.

Although it is an “Indian” country, it has also seen a lot of cowboys over the years. The valley has become synonymous with the Hollywood image of the Old West – many classic westerns such as Stagecoach have been filmed here. When we think of this story, we now imagine this austere red desert.

There is a Navajo word, Hozhóó, which means harmony, and it is the one that the founder of the hotel, Armanda Ortega, wants to share with her guests. A harmony where “Mother Earth meets Father Heaven in an apparently infinite view of beauty”. Stay here and you will have it all.

Valley view rooms from $ 129 pn (£ 93), camping from $ 29.95 pn (£ 22);

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