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Hotel Reviews: Ditch the Crowds and Opt for Downtown Miami instead with a Stay at this Trendy Hotel

An increase in COVID-19 cases and growing concerns about the Delta – and now Lamda – variant of the virus are causing more hypervigilance than many of us hoped when it came to plan their trip this summer. But if you’re determined to soak up the sun and sit by the pool, choosing your location wisely is a key aspect of staying safe. That’s why if you’re heading to Miami, like many travelers since Memorial Day, we tell you to ditch the crowds (and the expense) of South Beach and set your sights on a stay at Novotel in downtown Miami.

Located in the Brickell district of the city, the Novotel is the perfect place for a quiet weekend with the girls or a baecation with your boo. The monochrome pink color scheme throughout the property automatically puts your mind at ease while the modern decor, palm planters and bamboo lanterns are just enough to remind you that you have finally managed to get away from home. .

If you can’t decide whether to have a cocktail or lie down first, do both at the rooftop bar and by the pool. With sofas, wicker seating, and lounge chairs galore, you can choose to lounge by the pool between swims, admire the skyline and dance music from the DJ booth, or to chat with the bartender while you wait for your next drink.

Oh, and for the record, the rooftop views improve once again as the sun sets and city lights dance over the water and the area’s skyscrapers.

If you are the responsible type and want to stay on top of your fitness routine while you are away, you will be delighted at the Novotel gym which is located at the top of the property, opposite the swimming pool. The view from the floor-to-ceiling windows is a welcome distraction as you burn calories on the treadmill and elliptical. With dumbbells, medicine balls, and a few weight machines, there’s more than enough equipment to do a respectable workout before you rack up a few calories.

Now seems like a good time to put a few restaurants on your radar, the first of which is Jubia, because why not jump from one beautiful rooftop to another?

You’ll want to make a reservation if you’re planning to dine at this hot spot which sits atop the Herzog & de Meuron building at 1111 Lincoln Road. Otherwise, you’ll be waiting awhile to sit back and enjoy the crisp Miami night air and the stunning views here.

The menu is a fusion of French, Peruvian and Japanese cuisine and quite honestly some of the best food I have ever tasted. I’ve never been so sad about finishing a Caesar salad than when my plate of Parmesan-encrusted romaine lettuce with bits of bacon and a sesame ranch dressing came to an end. The organic panko breaded chicken that followed, however, quickly dried those tears, as did the candy bar that completed my third course of the night. You won’t be doing your taste buds a favor if you don’t plan on having brunch or dinner here, but if you can only have one drink you can’t go wrong with the cocktail list that features concoctions made from premium spirits and fresh ingredients like lime juice, mint and raspberries.

Keep the elevated dining experiences coming during your trip with a visit to KYU where you can opt for indoor or outdoor seating depending on preference and availability.

This is how I would describe the dishes of this “Asian-inspired wood-fired restaurant”. No meal is as simple as it might seem at first glance from the menu, from the Thai Fried Rice Stone Pot that your waiter will mix to perfection with a drumstick right at your table to roasted cauliflower oozing with goat cheese and a shishito herb dressing when first cut into it. The assortment of flavors and textures is exactly the type of dining experience you want to have when you are away from home and have the opportunity to try foods that you would never have had on your own, and even less to think of associating them.

When you return to the Novotel with a full stomach, there won’t be a lobby full of annoying customers and the elevator will take you back to your room and, most importantly, your comfortable bed awaits you.

It’s simple and serene that you will find your accommodation reflecting the fact that no one comes to Miami just to sit in a hotel all day. Nonetheless, Novotel understands that when you retire at night (or for a midday nap after drinking), guests want enough space to move around without the clutter of suitcases and shopping bags, and modern amenities. tailored to their personal needs. And that is exactly what you will get.

And if you decide to camp on the property, there’s an outdoor patio, a mini-market in the lobby for buying snacks and bottled water, and a number of stylish nooks and crannies to get lost (or organize a photo shoot for the ‘gram).

Whatever you choose to do in Miami, Novotel will make sure your stay is stress free.

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