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Hotel Review: Moxy Chelsea offers guests a comfortable and masterfully designed stay in the Big Apple

A stay in a Hotel Moxy is always a unique experience; it’s a boutique brand that does well to draw inspiration from its surroundings. Their Chelsea, New York location, which opened in February 2019, is no exception.

A garden engulfs you as you walk through their cozy lobby, the smells of plants blanketing the space, thanks to the overgrown vegetation McQueens flowers‘Residence – an on-the-nose homage to its Flower Market location, which sees botanical elements spread throughout the building. Look up and you’ll even see a Little Shop of Horrors-Inspired conservatory overlooking the street. It’s already a vibrant experience – and we’ve only just entered the building.

As you walk up to check-in, two manned counters sit in the lobby, with a neon sign behind them that says “Meet/Greet” and screens on the roof asking you to do things like “Shake It Up” . There’s a playful nature to the language used throughout the building – even in the guest bathrooms (which we’ll get to in a bit).

A staircase to the left of the check-in leads you to the second floor Fierce Bass and hidden Roman pizzeria, Ferocious Pizza & Petanque, which is open until 11 p.m. (midnight on Fridays and Saturdays), and their glass roof bar The Room of Flowers is open “late”, Wednesday to Saturday, on the 35th floor.

Express access to the rooftop is available via a dedicated elevator that you’ll find on the second floor, and once up there, you’ll enjoy 360-degree views of Manhattan and a giant raindrop chandelier that chases the botanical aspect of the hotel. themes.

They offer free coffee for guests in the morning and a la carte breakfast items at the Feroce Caffe at ground level.

The hotel has 350 rooms, designed by Yabu Pushelberg. Yabu also designed the hotel’s entrance and check-in, while Rockwell Group was responsible for the restaurants, bars and lobby. This partnership was also responsible for Moxy Times Square, which I reviewed in 2019, another vibrant entry for the Marriott-owned chain.

As with the Times Square location, Yabu has focused on making the most of the size constraints typical of a New York hotel. Unless you’re in one of their MONDO suites, you’re looking at 185-195 Sq. ft. (approximately 18 square meters), with King, Double and Bunk rooms available. But the design ensures you have everything you need, with custom-designed furniture (e.g. chair/luggage rack and folding desk), easily folded up and hung on wall pegs as needed.

It’s an incredibly well-designed space that feels spacious – despite being incredibly comfortable. Features such as hooks, the incorporation of the sink into the room and drawers under the bed ensure you have enough space to do what you need. And room temperature control is also excellent, might I add.

There are full-height wall-to-wall windows, which is impressive considering the 10ft ceilings – giving the room plenty of natural light, as well as an impressive view from your window. Here’s what I was greeted with mine – and yes, that’s the Empire State Building on the right.

This was the view from the 29th floor – so of course not all rooms will enjoy such views, but I certainly got lucky there.

As I mentioned before, in addition to the unique design of the space, the sink is in the main room, with all the things you’ll need to dry off hanging in a container below. There are towels, a hair dryer and even a handheld steam cleaner. Two bottles of Fiji water are provided for $5, or there are cups you can use to drink tap water. Which is more than good to do these days in New York.

The massive walk-in rain shower is among the best I’ve ever seen, sitting in a dedicated space with a sliding door, with ‘Wander’ on the tiled wall. The toilet is also in a separate area, with “Lust” on its wall, sitting against the white tiles. Other hotel rooms will offer variations, including “Grow Up”, “Some Regrets” and “Get Wild”.

The King bed was wonderfully comfortable with lovely hypoallergenic pillows, topped with fluffy European style duvets and Egyptian cotton sheets. On either side of the bed there are master light switches, with multiple USB and AC outlets – a sign of a well-designed bedroom for modern times.

There are also well-designed lights hanging, with massive bulbs, and something best described as a piece of art hanging from the back of the bed. And on one side of the bed, there’s an old-fashioned telephone, with a button for listening to bedtime stories (a nice touch you’ll find in all Moxy hotels, I believe!).

On the wall across from the bed, you’ll find a 43-inch Samsung flat-screen Smart HDTV with full cable access and personal screencasting, and a bunch of hooks you can use to hang your own clothes (they even provide hangers), in which is a great use of space. You will also find the foldable table and chair there, which you can use for meals or work if you need it.

Hanging on a clipboard are their events and a map of the area with some ideas for things to do. And a piece of art sits in the top corner, adding a bit of gravity to the room.

The TV, it’s worth mentioning, has plenty of built-in apps, such as Netflix YouTube and free HBO Go, or you can watch live TV. It has your name on the menu and is found when you enter the room.

There are also other nice little touches to the room, like a drop-down window in the door instead of a peephole, which has a bit of a prison vibe I can get myself behind. A metal bulldog is underneath which I didn’t understand, but I’m sure it has some relevance.

As well as a normal do not disturb sign, they have a hanger you can leave on the door letting the staff know you can’t have the room cleaned for 3 days – and in exchange they’ll plant a tree for you (again with the plants!) or give you Marriot Bonvoy points. This is all part of their green initiatives.

And sitting right next to the 28th Street station, you’re just steps from the Empire State Building and Penn Station on 34th Street. Walk a little further and you are in Times Square! It’s a great location, to say the least.

final verdict

From the moment you enter the Moxy Chelsea Hotel, you are enveloped in botanical sights and scents – a nod to its location at the Flower Market, but also a wonderful way to make guests feel at home. comfortable and at home.

This comfort extends to all on-site facilities, and especially the masterfully designed rooms – designed to provide you with everything you need in a relatively small space, while still maintaining a spacious feel. And then there’s that view… you gotta love it.

In a city like New York, a hotel like the Moxy Chelsea is everything you could ask for, and more.


Address: 105 W 28th St, New York, NY 10001, USA
Official site:
Starting rate: Rates starting at $159/night.

The guest originally stayed as a hotel guest in March 2020. The article has been updated with the most recent statistics and all information is correct at the time of printing. Photos by the author, except for the title image, recording and photos of The Fleur Room – the first three in the article – which were provided by the hotel.

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