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To say my hair needed a bit of work before my appointment at HOB Salon in Camden would be an understatement. I’ve been a star for over twelve years now; still a half-head of blonde highlights (with the exception of a questionable brown phase which I have systematically removed all traces of since) which by this point had grown from my roots to somewhere around my ears.

There are many HOB salons in London, and the Camden branch would be the most creative in their approach. Once I managed to find it (my confidence in Google Maps is slightly embarrassing) I was struck by the cool, warehouse vibe of the show and the even cooler people: everyone was beautiful, with beautiful hair. Fingers crossed, it rubs off.

After twelve years, I now know the color I’m looking for: ash blonde, cool blonde, platinum. My colorist, David, got it right away, allayed my fear of striped hair and brought me a glass of wine to accompany me in the foiling process. I figured that if it takes almost as long as a three-course meal, a glass of rouge is a natural accompaniment.

As summer approaches, I decided to do a whole head of strands instead of my usual half head. David used two colors, one bleach and one closer to my natural hair color and the result was a perfectly ash blonde that is shiny yet natural. Having a head full of highlights worked well, reducing the contrast between my natural color and the platinum blonde locks.

I have thin hair and when it gets too long it gets sparse so I decided to take a few inches off on this date. My bravery was quickly undermined by the woman in front of me, with beautiful hair thick to the waist, very casually asking that it be cut down to the chin. Chris cut my hair just above my shoulders (while I was gripping my wine) but left the front part slightly longer to give it some weight. He’s created a much needed body and I’m getting closer and closer to Bob’s terrifying territory with each cut.

As a farewell gift, the team gave me WELLA products to use at home. After filling out the Energy Code questionnaire online, they knew what I needed to maintain my salon look: a repairing shampoo for my split ends, a volumizing mask to counter the smoothness and the rebuilding elixir which is amazing for them. flyaways.

I left the HOB salon team feeling like a new woman, and if I’m honest, a little drunk.

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