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Grandma gives bad hotel review, gets kicked out early with grandchild

It’s a story of travelers, beware. Don’t give your hotel room – especially in Georgia – a bad review before you go to avoid being kicked out in your pajamas. Susan Leger, 63, and her six-year-old granddaughter recently found out the hard way, reports the National Post. The couple had booked a room at the Baymont Inn and Studios in Helen, Georgia for three nights.

On the first night emailed Leger asking for a review of the hotel and gave it a three out of five because the hotel was run down, the pool was closed and the toilets were not were not working well.

Shortly after the exam that evening, Léger heard from the hotel manager.

“This guy is on my cell phone ranting at me, and he said he’s throwing me out.” He called the police and I have to leave the room, ”she told Atlanta news station 11Alive.

And then there was a knock on the door of Léger’s hotel room and it was Helen’s police department, 11Alive reported.

“They can really fire me in the middle of the night, from a hotel for giving a three and five review,” Leger asked.

Léger questioned the police officer about such a practice.

“And he said, ‘Yes, ma’am. It’s in the law. It was scary. It’s just awful, ”Léger said.

11Alive got the police report and the only reason for the eviction was because Léger had given the hotel a bad review.

“If you don’t want to walk in your pajamas with your six-year-old granddaughter, don’t leave a review if you’re still around,” Leger said, adding that it had taken months to get a refund. with the help of the TV channel.

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