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GodFather Telugu Movie Review


Release date : October 05, 2022

Rating from 3.25/5

With : Megastar Chiranjeevi, Salman Khan, Nayanthara, Puri Jagannadh, Satya Dev, Samuthirakani, Murali Sharma, Sunil, Brahmaji

Director: Raja Mohan

Producers: Ram Charan, RB Choudary, NV Prasad

Music Director: Thaman S

Cinematography: Nirav Shah

Publisher: Marthand K. Venkatesh

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After the Acharya debacle, Chiranjeevi took a safe route and made another Malayalam hit from Lucifer. Entitled Godfather, this film is on the screens today. Let’s see how it is.


The film begins with the death of a State CM. This leaves the key position open and in line to take over as the CMs are Jai (Satyadev) and Satya (Nayanthara), son-in-law and daughter of the late CM. But comes another power in the party, Brahma (Chiranjeevi) to prevent all this from happening. The rest of the story is about the cat-and-mouse game of who finally becomes the CM of the state.

Good points :

Godfather is the official remake of the Malayalam hit Lucifer, but director Mohan Raja has made some good changes to suit the sensibilities of Telugu audiences. Mohan Raja stayed true to the story and narrated the film engagingly.

The way he presented Chiranjeevi is superb. All these years we’ve seen Chiranjeevi in ​​very high-energy roles but here in Godfather he’s playing a mature politician and he’s very good at it. Chiranjeevi doesn’t have much dialogue but he emotes superbly through his eyes. Although he does not dance or talk comedy, his screen presence and steady performance will be appreciated by his fans.

Nayanthara plays a key role and brings a lot of depth to the film. But if there is one actor who steals the show, it is none other than the young hero Satyadev. He surprises you with his evil act and is a perfect enemy for Chiranjeevi. The way Satyadev approaches his role is compelling and he impresses enormously.

Murali Sharma gets a key role and he was impressive. The first half is filled with well-written and well-executed political moments. Brahmaji, Sunil, Samutrakani are doing well in their roles.

The movie has some really well-written scenes. The prison episode between Chiranjeevi and Satyadev is superbly executed even though the megastar doesn’t utter a single dialogue.

Last but not least, Salman Khan’s entrance is perfectly timed to the narrative and gives the required mass moments for the fans. The climactic fight, song, and slow-motion shots of Salman and Chiranjeevi are solid and end the film on a high.


Lucifer had a very engaging drama and compared to that, things are a bit low in Godfather. The second half gets slow as there isn’t much story to present. This is the reason why a song breaks out at the climax.

Also, Chiranjeevi looks a bit stiff in a few scenes at the end of the movie. The emotions in the second could have been stronger. Salman Khan’s role looks fanciful but isn’t justified properly at the end.

Also, the procedure is a bit predictable. Although Satyadev is good, he should have been given a little more padding to improve the villain’s angle in the film.

Technical aspects:

Thaman is one more highlight of the film, as his BGM elevates the proceedings considerably. The production design is very good and the color tone used by the cameraman to highlight the political setup is amazing. The dialogues are correct, as is the editing part.

Coming to director Mohan Raja, he is known as the remake specialist and he did an impressive job with the film. He uses Chiranjeevi’s grace superbly and lets his eyes go wild. The changes he makes or the mass elements he added with Salman are good.

The best part of the movie is that Mohan Raja doesn’t force the most important scenes or comedy and tells the political thriller appropriately. When you think the movie gets simple towards the end, he brings in Salman and ends the movie on a high.


Overall, Godfather is an impressive, sensibly told political thriller. A new age and mature Chiranjeevi, a solid performance from Satyadev and Nayanthara and a fun cameo from Salman Khan are the staples of the film. Compared to the original Lucifer, the drama is a bit lacking, but that’s not stopping fans and the masses from having a blast on this Dussehra because the boss is back.

Rating from 3.25/5

Reviewed by 123telugu team

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