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Five things to expect with the accreditation process


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As reported last month, Auburn University has completed the first phase of the reaffirmation process of its accrediting body, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, or SACSCOC, and has submitted the certification report of compliance, or CCR. With just under 5 months until SACSCOC visits our campus, the Provost’s Office Accreditation Team would like to share the top 5 things to expect in the next steps of the accreditation process:

1. Obtain feedback from offsite committee in November

The CCR was sent to the offsite committee for review in September and we will be receiving feedback on the report at the end of November. These comments will tell us where our many strengths lie and give us some insight into preparing for the site visit. The offsite committee will assess our compliance with each of the 72 SACSCOC standards and we will have the opportunity to submit a follow-up report on those noted as non-compliant at this preliminary stage. This focused report is expected in early January and gives us the opportunity to prepare answers to their questions before the review committee’s on-site visit.

2. Find out who our full committee is on site

We are excited to learn who will make up the on-site review committee and what specializations they will bring to the on-site visit. The onsite reaffirmation committee is made up of 7-12 individuals from peer institutions who have expertise in accreditation, SACSCOC policies, and specific CCR areas such as academic evaluation, finance, and student services . Each committee member will bring a unique perspective and set of specialties to help thoroughly assess Auburn University and help us learn and grow as an institution.

3. The on-site visit from February 28 to March 2, 2023

We look forward to showing off our campus and showcasing our exceptional teaching facilities. We also look forward to engaging in several days of fruitful discussions with the committee during the on-site visit. Students, faculty and staff will have the opportunity to share their experiences and expertise with on-site assessors. We know the committee will be impressed at every turn.

4. Share the first results of our QEP

Six weeks prior to the site visit, Auburn will submit the Quality Improvement Plan (QEP) to SACSCOC. The objective of the PEQ is to initiate, implement and complete a project aimed at improving learning outcomes and/or student success. The purpose of the QIP is to align with other ongoing University planning and institutional assessment processes, in other words, the University’s strategic plan. This year’s PEQ is sponsored by the Office of Academic Insight and focuses on using data to improve student post-graduation outcomes through the Insight Lab and the Auburn realizes a bright idea seed grant project. We are excited to see the QEP pilot projects/seed grants in action and their first results, and even more excited to share these exciting projects with the committee.

5. Our reaffirmation in December 2023

What we are most looking forward to is the official announcement of our re-accreditation in December 2023 at the SACCCOC Annual Meeting! The reaffirmation will be the culmination of the past 10 years of growth and progress at Auburn University and will mark the end of more than two years of hard work by the accreditation team and the many people on campus. who helped them.

To learn more about Auburn’s accreditation efforts, visit our website.

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