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Doncaster under threat from online businesses urged to review their websites

“We’re often told that people don’t read website copy,” says Richard Michie, CEO of The Marketing Optimist.

Not only is that wildly inaccurate, but it’s a weird thing to say and believe when you think about it. Pictures on a website don’t say 1000 words. They say very little without the context, and the power of effective copy.

People don’t invest, personally or financially, in brands or products they know nothing about. People don’t buy services from companies that don’t clearly articulate their expertise, unique approach, etc. Your copy should be the best 24/7 salesperson you’ve ever had, written to sell.

Richard Michie, CEO of The Marketing Optimist

Google’s Useful Content Update, which began rolling out in August 2022, will actively penalize websites with very little written content and sites whose content uses shortcuts to drive search traffic but offers very little value.

“With businesses so heavily dependent on internet sales and the current economic problems facing the UK, it is more important than ever that customers who buy online can find the goods and services they want from companies based in Leeds. If those websites don’t meet Google’s new criteria, they’ll simply disappear from Google searches and leave customers to shop elsewhere,” Richard continued.

Highly visual, low-volume websites will certainly be the hardest hit, as well as websites selling a wide range of products, all with similar descriptions, with changes only in size, color, technical specifications, etc. .

To remedy the situation, companies should review their websites and ensure that all relevant product/service pages, as well as informational pages such as About pages, landing pages and customer reviews cases, contain all the details they need to inform and help users, and push them to convert. Additionally, the website’s page copy should be optimized for a certain keyword, to help the page for that term rank in search engine results pages and drive organic search traffic to the page.

Richard concluded, “Like Google, we believe customers want to know information about your products/services, your company history, values, team members, point of view, etc. These are all the things that make your business great, stand out, and give customers a reason to buy or work with you, not your competitors.

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