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Don Giovanni hits back at ‘vulgar’ Facebook restaurant review

Don Giovanni has hit back at a “vulgar” restaurant review posted on his Facebook page.

Bosses of Manchester’s oldest independent Italian have called on customers to be ‘nice when dining’ after receiving negative reviews from a recent customer.

The woman said the service she received was “appalling” and went so far as to describe the waitress as a “little bitch”.

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Although she visited the award-winning Oxford Street restaurant several times before the lockdown, she will ‘never’ return after waiting 20 minutes for a drink, she says.

Don Giovanni responded to the review in detail, emphasizing that it was a “fine dining” place, not a fast food chain, and asked the customer not to return after using “obscene language” to describe its staff.

Sharing the response to their Instagram page, the team also wrote: “Please refrain from using vulgar language towards our staff online or in person. Our team are hardworking, passionate and dedicated to their role within the family. Don Giovanni.”

They added: “We can understand that coming out of lockdown has been hectic and we are more than happy to welcome you back to our restaurant every week.

The restaurant shared the review on social media

“All we ask is that you be kind while you dine.

“We understand that not everyone works in the hospitality industry and may not have a full understanding of the vulnerable position our industry finds itself in.”

The team have shared a series of statistics which claim the vacancy rate is now around 10% – 200,000 staff across the UK and 3,000 in Manchester alone.

A fifth of workers have left the sector since the start of the pandemic, according to another statistic.

The Instagram post received a slew of support with nearly 500 likes and kind messages of solidarity.

One said: “Such a hardworking team! One of my family’s favorite restaurants and your staff never stop but that doesn’t stop them from taking the time to have a quick chat and always so friendly not to mention amazing food! Can’t wait for our next visit”.

Another wrote: “Good for you! You sure don’t need customers like that.”

However, some followers shamed the restaurant for sharing the woman’s full name and photo on their post – to which they replied: ‘The customer didn’t hide his name when it was posted, we neither.”

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