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Director By Night Review – What’s New on Disney Plus


Marvel takes a special look at the life and career of ‘Werewolf By Night’ director Michael Giacchino as he transitions from composer to director. This is Marvel’s second “special presentation” to hit Disney+ and the second to focus on “Werewolf By Night.” It seems clear that they are trying to maintain continuity between their behind-the-scenes documentary and the project the documentaries are tied to.

It’s an intriguing look at what inspired Giacchino. He clearly loved movies from a young age and was looking for a way to make a career out of it. He blazed a trail as a composer having worked on Marvel and DC projects as well as the Taika Waititi movie, “Jo Jo Rabbit.” The most interesting part of this for me was how when Kevin Feige asked him if he had ever made the leap to directing, what project he wanted to direct and the first thing Giacchino said was “Werewolf By Night “. It’s clear he had a passion for this particular Marvel character and naming something obscure definitely put him at the top of Feige’s mind when they finally went that direction. Plus, it’s entirely possible that Giacchino wanting to direct “Werewolf By Night” was what made Feige want him done.

My least favorite part of the documentary is following the documentary makers as they tried to make this movie. It works in some contexts, but I don’t think it worked here. I think that took the focus away from Giacchino and the “Werewolf By Night” production. I think they had something special, but they spoiled it by focusing on people doing something different.

Is this my favorite behind-the-scenes documentary from a Marvel or Disney+ project? No. It’s not as enjoyable for me as the “Assembled” series was. But it’s still great fun and I learned a lot about Michael Giacchino. I’m interested in checking out his scores and taking a closer look at other future films he’s directing. I’m interested in the dark side of Marvel, and I’m interested in the work of Michael Giacchino. I’m just not interested in this documentary beyond this one.

Rating: 2.5 stars

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