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Daisy Tasker at the Indigo Hotel in Dundee


Housed in a converted textile factory that is now a Dundee hotel, you’ll find the modern Scottish restaurant Daisy Tasker.

Named after a young factory worker who was known for hosting social events for his co-workers, Daisy Tasker is part of Hotel Indigo and is a space not only for lunch and dinner, but also for breakfast. lunch.

Fresh Scottish ingredients can be found on the restaurant’s menus and include a number of dishes which incorporate locally grown produce to allow their customers to enjoy the best of what is on the doorstep of the city.

Outside of Daisy Tasker.

My recent trip here was cause for celebration. My youngest sister had passed all of her SQA exams and I thought it was only right that I invite her to dinner to commemorate her accomplishments.

Having previously visited Daisy Tasker for their afternoon tea in Dundee, I had high hopes for the dinner options.

daisy task

I had reserved a table for the two of us at 7pm on a Wednesday evening.

For anyone who hasn’t been before, the entrance to the hotel is located in a courtyard just off Constable Street. This is also where you will find the doors to the entrance to the restaurant.

The parking lot was full the night I visited, so I parked on a side street right next to the venue and walked.

daisy task
Inside the room.

The dining room has a real industrial feel to it, a nod to its old self and because of its modern look I think it’s a good place to take visitors from out of town.

It was quite busy when we walked in with diners at most tables. However, it wasn’t particularly noisy, which I tend to like as I feel it adds a bit of liveliness to the atmosphere of a place.

The food

Coming from a large family, it’s not uncommon for us to order large portions of food and share it among ourselves.

Starter mix of olives.

As a result, I often like to suggest sharing starters with those I’m dining with as I like to have a tapas-like selection that I can try. It also allows me to try more than one dish and choose what I really want to get into.

My sister and I have similar tastes so we opted to split the mixed olives plate (£3.50) with the sesame hummus and flatbread (£4).

daisy task
Hummus and Sesame Flatbread

Our server also recommended that we try the soup of the day (£6), which happened to be a curry soup, and although I wouldn’t normally go for that flavor, I took my word for it delicious and I ordered it. At that time we also placed a drinks order for a diet coke and water which arrived shortly after.

I have to admit I wasn’t completely sold on the soup as it brought back memories of my lunchtime visits to the local cafe when I was in school.

My sister, who goes to the same school now, said the exact same thing so I thought it might have been better to try something a little different.

The soup was thick and tasted more like a lentil soup instead of the burst of flavor I expected with the curry flavor.

Curry soup with bread.

That said, I really enjoyed the green olives which were very juicy and had a nutty, salty flavor. As for the hummus, it was rich and creamy with hints of sesame and garlic giving it a savory, slightly tart flavor. The warmed flatbreads were a treat and paired well.

I had found out on a previous visit that the chicken was halal and neither my sister nor I could see past the chicken burger ($15). We both felt compelled to order it as it sounded too good to resist. Topped with Emmental cheese as well as tomatoes, lettuce, onion rings and a pickle, it was the brioche bread that brought some sweetness to the mix.

Served with a side of well done crispy fries and homemade ketchup, I felt the chicken breast tenderloin was a bit dry. However, with the delicious sauce and toppings, the dryness was almost masked.

The Mammoth Burger is a substantial meal and would easily satisfy any diner’s appetite.

Emmental chicken burger.

Other options I could have ordered include hake and summer vegetables, zucchini spaghetti and macaroni with cauliflower and white truffle, which neither of us imagined.

The piece de resistance for me had to be the Eton mess dessert (£6.25) with strawberry, meringue, black pepper and basil.

daisy task
Eton mess containing strawberry, meringue, black pepper and basil.

Although I’m not sure how the basil tasted with the other elements of the dessert, it was an incredible explosion of flavors in my mouth.

Everything about this dessert alone is worth a trip to Daisy Tasker. I’m not often blown away by dessert, but this one really exceeded all my expectations.

The verdict

All in all, I’d say Daisy Tasker is a lovely place to visit for an intimate, upscale dining experience.

With a relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff, you can enjoy a wide range of dishes from their menu without getting too much of a shock when the bill arrives.

Catering on site.

I plan to return to the place to try other dishes in the future and would recommend using it as a venue for business dinners or to meet friends and family.


Address: Hotel Indigo, Tayside, Lower Dens Mill, Constable Street, Dundee DD4 6AD

Such. : 01382 472 114


Price: £51.90 for three starters, two mains, dessert and a Diet Coke

  • Mixed olives: £3.50
  • Sesame hummus with flatbread: £4
  • Soup of the day: 6€
  • Chicken burger with chicken breast and Emmental cheese and fries: £15
  • Eton mess with strawberry, meringue, black pepper and basil: £6.25
  • Diet Coke: £2.15


  • Food: 4/5
  • Performance: 4/5
  • Surroundings: 4/5

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[Daisy Tasker in Dundee’s Indigo Hotel]


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