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Loans Online | Differences with bank loans

January 7, 2019


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Online loans are more expensive but faster, so more and more people apply for loans online .

It is not new to say that online loans are characterized by being more expensive than loans processed as always, in person by email.

Those who process these credits are also aware of this being something they accept before even asking for a loan .

Why are online loans more expensive?

They are because the financiers who process them assume a greater risk by signing the loans. You have to keep in mind that financial companies give an answer even on the same day. Some can even give answer in less than 30 minutes being something that does not look much like the usual banks work.

Because the answer is so quick, the financial companies can not in any case carry out an elaborate procedure, but on the contrary, if the banks can do it.

The banks at the time of signing a credit can spend several weeks between analyzing the solvency of their customers and decide whether it deserves or worth signing the credit.

The companies that make online loans base their processing is a few variables doing so that the risk for them is much higher.

Why do you think the bank default rate is so low?

It is for the amount of things that they ask the clients to verify their financial situation and be able to do a better study. The banks only detect that whoever is asking for the money is not 100% solvent directly reject the operation. Online financial institutions instead of that, most likely, in the process have not been able to obtain all the information they need from their clients.

What variables do these financiers use to finance the loans?

Above all there are two variables, the income of the one who asks for the money and the presence of the asnef. Yes, there are online loans that can be processed even with asnef but not with a majority in the financial system. Online loans, this being mostly micro loans and small loans, usually deny the customer when he or she is in one of these delinquent listings.

In these situations what customers will do is to go to another type of credit online as they are signed between individuals. They will also be managed through the internet only that the processing time almost followed will be longer. Because although online loans most associate as microcredits and personal loans reduced within these there is everything from mortgage loans to business loans.

How to find your way through the consumer loan jungle

January 7, 2019


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In Denmark we are so fortunate that we have easy access to various quick loans and consumer loans. In short, this means that we can get help relatively quickly if we one day come out to experience financial difficulties.

Generally speaking, the Danes have a good economy, and there are many things we must be grateful and proud of – when we compare ourselves with some of our other fellow human beings in the world. But that does not mean that we cannot all get into a situation where it is necessary for us to get some extra money on our pocket right now.

When you end up in this situation, it is important to spend a few moments stopping and thinking. It doesn’t matter where you borrow money, as there can often be big differences in both what the loan entails and how expensive it is in costs. Therefore, we recommend that you always thoroughly familiarize yourself with the issues before signing their loan agreement. And in this article we will try to provide some tips on how to easily find the way through the many offers that are available.

The best lenders in Denmark together in one place

If you need a consumer loan, it is of utmost priority that you find a provider you are comfortable with. There are many loan providers and banks that have a slightly bleak reputation and which can be a good idea to avoid. But it is probably not many of us who have the time to ask questions every time we have to decide where we should become customers. This is why pages such as trust pilots have become increasingly popular with time. Here it is quick and easy to see other customers’ experiences with the company. The same is also true for many of the companies’ social media, where one can also get a good insight into what one can expect as a customer.

But one thing, of course, is what service one can expect. Of course, another thing is whether the company offers what you need. It may be so nice that a loan provider has 5/5 stars on all reporting sites, but if they do not offer loans in the credit framework you need, then it may be somewhere.

One last thing one should also be aware of is how the provider is purely priced. Since there may be large differences in both interest rates, sizes of various fees, whether regular fees come – and so on, it can often be difficult to find out where to go.

Fortunately, many good comparison sites have gradually arrived, where you as a customer can easily and easily get all the information in one place.

Here you can typically both see the company’s scores from various media, just as you quickly get an overview of what you are going to have to pay back.

The best loan calculators are based on several things. They often work in the way that you enter it, amounts you need, and then calculate the best offers for you. They are presented in a nice and easy-to-read overview, so you can quickly see some of the most important aspects of the loan. Often, reviews are also linked from various sites, so you can quickly see what others’ views and experience says.

In this way you will quickly get a detailed overview of which loan providers in Denmark make the most sense for you to contact.

Read the conditions carefully

Okay, this point may seem a bit ridiculous. But there are many Danes who do not investigate where they actually lend her money. What can be the risk in such a case is that there may be several different pitfalls of the loan. For example, it can often make sense to repay a loan in advance as it saves on interest and any payment fees.

But it is worth mentioning that not all providers offer that you can pay the loan out of time – and that is quite a simple reason behind it; That’s what they live on. Therefore, they are also not interested in an od paying, paying back in time.

But with such a tool as what I mentioned above, it often does not take long to find out where it makes the most sense for you to borrow.

One of the things you should pay particular attention to is whether the loan can be repaid before time. If it is possible for you to deposit more than what the loan was originally set for, then you have the opportunity to save money on the interest by depositing when you have more profits. This can be, for example, if you get tax money back, holiday pay paid and so on.

In addition to reading conditions and making sure that the loan can be repaid before time, it is also important that you remember to keep track of how much money you owe – and to which. It is important that you do not lose track of your finances. If you always know how much money you owe, then you sometimes have the opportunity to pay out some small loans along the way, so you get the loan out of the world faster.

A good way to get rid of your loans while maintaining the overview is if you always go to pay out the smallest loans first. When you have paid it out, you take the money you have normally paid in installments, and add the payment to the next loan, and so on. This is also called the “snowball” method , and can be a good help to keep track of its repayments, and at the same time get the loans paid out faster. It does, however, require some degree of self-discipline in order to not just spend the extra money to sweeten life.

Car Loan / Auto Leasing Without First Deposit up to 25,000 EUR

January 7, 2019


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When you receive a car leasing offer, you can choose a vehicle at any recognized dealer in Latvia. This means that you have a lot of choices and are free to choose the right vehicle for you.

We carefully inspect our dealers to protect you, our customer, from any problems that may arise in the future. By choosing a car (or minibus, trailer or even a trailer for transportation) from a recognized dealer, you will buy a good vehicle that will be worth the money invested.

Dealers often offer their own funding packages, but they mostly only work with a few lenders while our partners include 18 lenders. This allows us to find the best loan option according to your circumstances. Whether your credit history is bad or excellent (or somewhere in between!), Our lenders will be able to offer customized financial services that fit your situation. We can also help customers who have previously received a loan denial – at the dealer or elsewhere.

Why choose car leasing or car loan?

If you have a bad credit history or have received a car leasing refusal, the good news is that we may be able to help you. Several of our lenders specialize in helping people with bad credit history get car leasing.

Of course, car financing is not guaranteed, everything depends on the particular circumstances – your age, employment status, income and the required credit amount, as well as your credit history.

When applying for car leasing, you need regular basic income. Your type of employment may vary, for example, if you are a self-employed, part-time worker or agency worker.

We can offer car leasing without first deposit, but if you can make a first deposit or a partial guarantee, you can use it to reduce the total amount of your loan (reducing your monthly payments accordingly). Even if you have received a refusal to fund your vehicle elsewhere (such as a bank, a car dealer, or even another lender), we work with lenders specializing in people with bad credit history, as we may be able to help you.

However, remember that repayment of your loan is still your responsibility and if you do not do so, it will adversely affect your credit rating and make it more difficult for you to borrow in the future.

Reclassify loans – it’s that easy!

January 7, 2019


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Repaying loans and saving money – that is the wish of many consumers who pay off one or more loans. For example, rescheduling relieves consumer credit by including another. If you have multiple loans, you can consolidate them by rescheduling them. A rescheduling of one or more loans can be very useful if there are current loan offers with more favorable terms. A debt may want to repay those who have used the discretionary credit and now pay high interest. A simple installment loan is often much cheaper than a discretionary loan. Before deciding to have loans repaid, you should check what the current interest rate is. The rescheduling of an existing loan is only useful if you are not currently in a high-yield phase. If the interest on the current loan is lower than the interest on current loan offers, a rescheduling is not necessarily recommended. For a successful rescheduling the right timing is crucial. More here .

Reposting loans and saving money

The rescheduling of a loan usually serves the purpose of saving money. The repayment of the loan is intended to replace a high-interest loan with a low-interest loan. A rescheduling is recommended especially for the expensive discretionary loans. Many banks require relatively high interest rates for credit lines, which is why they should preferably be rescheduled – for example, on a framework loan . This is especially true if you can not balance the credit line within two to three months. If you have several loans running, you can summarize these by means of a rescheduling. This can also save costs. In addition, you then only have to pay a loan installment and can better adapt it to your own budget.

Repurpose loans and compare loan offers

Anyone who wants to repay loans should necessarily compare the current loan offers. It is mainly to pay attention to the lending rates. Particularly convenient and easy is the credit comparison on the Internet. For an online comparison of loans, consumers do not have to invest much time or money. Anyone who wants to repost loans and find the right offer can conduct the credit comparison directly with smava.

Consumer loan online for 30 days

January 7, 2019


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Have you fallen over your dream trip? Or maybe the dream car? Or are your needs more simple, and you really just want a dishwasher that actually cleans? Then it may be an obvious opportunity for you to look for a consumer loan. Many will warn against taking up consumer loans – especially for “luxury” like holidays or a new car, but consumer loans definitely don’t have to be as dangerous as many people make them.

It is quite normal to take out loans of one kind or another – for example, there will never be anyone commenting on the fact that you are taking out a mortgage loan – or a car loan. But for some reason there has been a tendency to look negatively on consumer loans, although “consumption” may be absolutely as legitimate as anything else. Keep in mind that money does not necessarily have to be “wasted”. But it may be that you want to invite the children or grandchildren for a good dinner, a trip, or maybe just give some extra good gifts this year. And instead of having to hand over all the money at once, it can in many cases be easier to divide the amount into small chunks. And as long as one has reason and does not make his repayments too high, and does not borrow more money than one is sure to return, there will be no problems in the wake of consumer loans.

The big advantage of consumer loans is that the money is not earmarked for any particular purpose. For example, you typically get a really good interest rate on a home loan – but you can also only spend the money on housing. By choosing a professional bank to issue you a consumer loan, you are assured that you will receive good treatment without the bank having to interfere with what you spend on the money. Among other things, one can buy cheap consumer loans at – one of the country’s largest banks, and with the computer it is quite easy to see the interest rate on ‘s consumer loans for 30 days online . Admittedly, 30 days may not be enough to pay off the new car, but it may well be a good option for you who may have just a few unforeseen expenses or bills, and who are already thinking “soon be the first” . In short, there may be a sea of ​​different reasons for looking for a consumer loan – and sometimes it can even go to the house, despite the fact that one cannot increase the home loan. For example, many renovation projects and energy optimizations are not covered by the housing loan criteria – here, consumer loans can be a good option.

You have probably noticed that the web is crowded with companies that want to lend you money – almost free. But if one starts to go all the good deals a little bit at the seams, one quickly finds out that the offer may be a little too good to be true. This is because these companies only live by issuing short-term loans and therefore typically make it at very high interest rates. If you choose an established bank, there are good chances that consumer loans are not a big part of their business – and therefore they see it more as a service and an opportunity to get new customers than a product they have to earn. a lot of money on. If you have bills to be paid, it can thus be a good idea to examine the interest rate at eg , as here you get the benefits of a professional bank without you having to worry about being cheated. And in many places you can find an easy and clear loan calculator so you know exactly what it costs you to borrow the money.

Many will probably recommend you to contact your own bank first – and in particular your own bank will probably recommend that you contact them first. But it is important to remember that you are already a customer there. And since you probably already have several activities with them, it is not so likely that you move it all to another bank. And your bank adviser knows that well. Therefore, you can often be eaten with an interest rate that is a bit higher than you could otherwise get – simply because of the security of using your own bank, and that after all it is just ‘easier’ to shop one place.

Conversely, other banks’ incentives to give you good interest rates and a fair treatment are far greater, as they really want you as a customer. And if you, for example, need a quick loan, it may be an idea to apply for a consumer loan with . The bank will see it as an opportunity to bring in a new customer, and if there is anything we all know, it is that companies are more interested in getting new customers than holding on to the old ones. How often have you not been called by sellers who will sell you a mobile subscription? Or an insurer who would like to drive 30 kilometers to get out and review your insurance policies – for free. And then think about how many times you have recently been called by your existing supplier?

It is exactly the same with banks, and the banks see consumer loans as a good way to get new customers in the store. Often, the amounts are not particularly high (not for a bank at least), and it is therefore worth “running the risk”. Nor does it require the large resources to approve a loan application – but the possibility of getting you in as a customer with the rest of your activities can be worth the money for the bank.

Having said that, it may be a good idea to turn the offer from a competing bank with your own bank. As a result, the bank becomes aware that they will have to rise, and if you are lucky, you may risk starting a smaller price war so you are guaranteed the best interest rate or the best benefits.