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Birch Hotel Review: “A chaotic yet chic adult playground that promises to be the next top destination”

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  • Want to book a stay? Meet Birch, the bustling creative hotspot just forty minutes from London.

    If you’re an avid Instagram user, you’ve probably heard of Birch before. The last must-see hotel and community space in the neighborhood, it’s a country haven laid out much like an upscale Glastonbury – there’s loads to do, from glassblowing and gong baths to workshops. of terrazzo.

    Board the train and you’ll be there in around 40 minutes from London Liverpool Street. On the more active side? It is only about fifteen kilometers from the center, so you can also cycle there – they have a large bicycle storage room on site.

    Birch is, shall we say, very London; what was once a traditional country hotel is now decorated in a chaotic but chic way, with many of the interiors recycled by Red Deer designers. Imagine gorgeous spiral staircases juxtaposed with peeling wallpaper, bare hardwood floors, and a different color palette in every room and you’re on the right track.

    Jumping on the bandwagon of Air BnB-style stays to meet the rustic is a far cry from more traditional hotels, but offers enough distraction to make up for it. There is a lido, a wellness area, a pottery workshop, an interactive bakery, an art studio, a projection room, a music room. and arcade – so you can see why the founders (a chef, baker, trainer, designer, entrepreneur, and gardener, for the record) call it an adult playground.

    It just might be the next go-to weekend destination for busy London creatives keen to disconnect – so we headed out, in the name of journalism, to see what it was all about.

    Birch Hotel Review: A Creatives Heaven With Gong Baths, Terrazzo Workshops, and More

    The location

    About 40 minutes from Liverpool Street, Birch is located in Hertfordshire, just off the M25. Don’t expect a traditional country house or a wilderness breakout; instead, expect a lively and creative atmosphere in an old Georgian building with a large plot.

    The rooms

    With 140 rooms, there is plenty of space at Birch, and while they are original in their design, the main connotation is simplicity. I was told that upcycling was the main goal, to keep the renovation both sustainable and affordable.

    Our double room had a bed, wardrobe, bedside table and chair, plus a pastel pink bathroom. My only bug-bear was the lack of tea or coffee in the room – call me old-fashioned, but at £ 150 a night it would be nice to enjoy a cup of tea in bed in the morning.

    The food

    Robin Gill’s food is the star of the show – conveniently located in the old stables, every Zebra Riding Club course was sublime. Its namesake is the previous owner, who is said to have kept pet “zebras” (probably painted horses) to pull his car.

    Gill is best known for his Clapham-based restaurant, The Dairy, where you could get one of the best and most affordable tasting menus in London before it closed last year. Now, with this new venture, he’s channeling what he does best: simple, organic, local produce that upholds a farm-to-table philosophy and doesn’t skimp on flavor, either.

    The rest of the food at Birch is average, by comparison. But make sure you don’t miss the walk-in bakery, if you go. Located in the main house, they called it an “interactive” bakery in the hopes that guests will come in and watch the chefs cooking. We do it and walk away with two deliciously melting pastries as good as those found at London’s beloved Bread Ahead, Pophams or Flor.

    The installations

    The extensive on-site facilities really make Birch stand out from the crowd; they have all the rooms you can imagine for activities, a spacious gym, a newly built lido and a large co-working space.

    The Hub is the perfect place to sit, read or write. Grab a fresh juice or coffee from the bar and spend hours working on a new concept or project. This is where you can see that Birch was really designed with the London creation in mind.

    Don’t miss the wellness area – it’s a huge pastel pink space filled with all the latest gym equipment offering showers, massages and facials, to boot.

    Head to the back lawn and you start to see the festival vibes that the founders cite as inspiration; teepees, food trucks and wine vans line the grounds, while ribbons blow through the trees and string lights hang from the branches. Pack your comfortable clothes, turn off your phone for the weekend and enjoy the friendly and convivial atmosphere of the community. Just be prepared to spend some cash – one thing Birch isn’t is cheap.

    The price

    Rooms start at £ 150 per night – but note that nothing is included so you have to pay for food, drinks and activities through the app. If you’re interested, take advantage of their weekend deal – currently, if you book on Friday and Saturday evenings, Sunday is free. And so close to London, why not you?

    Birch (Handle.Silk.Comet) in Hertfordshire is now open to guests, with double rooms available from £ 150. Book now at

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