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Bankruptcy of Levarht announced; talks with reboot candidate in full swing

After the Amsterdam court granted a moratorium on payments last week JM Levarht & Zonen BV (Levarht) declared chapter 13 bankruptcy on March 1, 2022 for the fruit and vegetable business in Aalsmeer. The appointed directors are Mr. MR van Zanten and Mr. MN de Groot of CMS Derks Star Busmann. Van Zanten says that from the suspension of payments, he considered how the coins can be kept to minimize damage to creditors.

“We have spoken to a large number of parties about this, one of which was the most serious. We have reached an agreement with this party to make a fresh start to see what activities can be continued. This party, Fruit Cleaning Services of Venlo, shareholders who operate globally have already purchased the Levarht name, the brands used and the goodwill of the company, and they will use the coming period to talk to employees to see which employees and companies show up. Hopefully we’ll move on to the second phase soon.”

What the trustee noticed in the conversations is “the incredibly good reputation that Levarht has in this market. They have committed employees, who go the extra mile for their customers and serve a good segment in this market with very valuable customers. After the problems that have arisen, I am happy that research is currently being carried out on how the activities can be partially held together.”

Arjan Levarht said on the Aalsmeer Vandaag-site whose turnover came largely from the United States, Japan, the Middle East and the Far East. “Due to the corona pandemic, we were able to export much less last year. Until 2020 eight out of ten things went well, in 2021 nine out of ten things went wrong.”

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