Restaurant review

Una Más, Sydney: Restaurant review: Restaurant review

What was supposed to be the smaller, more casual little sister of Merivale’s larger dining room, inadvertently stole the show when they opened in tandem in early 2020. With Will’s Cocktail Bar, Una Más shares the same entrance and the same amenities as Mimi (including Sydney’s most glamorous bathrooms). But where Mimi’s reflects the successful […]

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Kensington Hotel Reviews: Cozy Decadence in the Heart of London | London | To travel

famous museums, the Royal Albert Hall, well-kept parks. South Kensington is known for a lot of things, but its luxury hotels aren’t necessarily one of them, at least that’s what you might think. Behind a grand neoclassical facade is The Kensington, a five-star residence of the Doyle Collection group, which also owns The Bloomsbury and […]

Restaurant review

Pizzeria Mozza, London: “the food is shockingly good” – restaurant review

I love Italian food in America. New York and the major northern cities have developed a distinctive Italian-American cuisine rooted in delicatessens and immigrant-owned restaurants, while California has evolved “Cal-Italian,” based more on fresh local produce and a interest in the health aspects of the Mediterranean. diet. For me, each of these strands has its […]