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Anti-masks leave scathing review of restaurant on ‘satanic activity’, owner prints on top

A restaurant owner has been hailed as a “legend” for taking a one-star review and printing it on a line of T-shirts.

Most outlets are no strangers to a bad review, but Luna Rotisserie in Durham, NC decided to celebrate one instead.

The restaurant revealed that a group of customers were unhappy with the mask’s tenure during the first lockdown in April.

Despite being offered a table on the patio, the group became “angry and argumentative” before finally leaving.

They expressed their contempt for the establishment via a Google review, leaving a star and a scathing article.

He would say, “This place is full of satanic activity. As free-breathing humans we have been discriminated against, the waiters refused to serve our laughing and smiling faces. I can’t believe the treatment we received here. , as if we were below them. If you like freedom, go somewhere else !! “

Rather than let that shake staff morale, management slapped the quote on a t-shirt with an image of a devil wearing a mask, of course.

Chef and co-owner Shawn Stokes said News week: “A group of four people not wearing masks came in during the lunch service and asked to sit inside. Our waiters said they could, but they should mask themselves. four became questionable and said they would not be wearing masks. the waiters said the weather was great and they were welcome to sit outside on our large outdoor patio.

“Again the group of four refused and became more aggressive in their mission to sit inside. It was then that our staff realized that these people had come to sow the seeds. trouble and were looking for confrontation. Finally, they left saying that they “I will never come back.”

Photo of Luna Rotisserie’s T-shirt. The restaurant has sold over 100 shirts and added hoodies to its range.
Shawn stokes

Stokes continued, “When I first saw the comment, it was among a dozen other one-star reviews with similar comments that all arrived on the same day. bad reviews – our average is 4.5 stars – so it was strange to have so many in such a short time.

“My decision to print the review on the shirt was based on the first line of the review, ‘This place is full of satanic activity.'”

He added that he grew up in a time of “moral panics over satanic cults and accusations of devil worship.”

“So it was kind of in my rebellious teenage roots to accept this accusation of satanic activity and carry it proudly,” he said.

Addressing the popularity of T-shirts, Stokes added, “I wanted the t-shirt for my staff and I to have something to commemorate what has been a ridiculously difficult 18 month period. The staff loved them and started wearing them to work. That’s when customers asked about them and if they could buy them. “

Luna Rotisserie printed a line for sale. The shirts have become a hit in the city and online, after snaps were shared on Reddit and Twitter.

After the photo went viral on social media, the restaurant started receiving orders from across the country. So far, over 100 t-shirts have been sold, at $ 20 each. Luna is now offering a hoodie for $ 48.

Photo of Luna Rotisserie's shirt.
Photo of Luna Rotisserie’s shirt. The restaurant received a one star review where a group said the restaurant was “full of satanic activity”.

The restaurant shared a post about the incident and the popularity of the shirt last week on its Instagram page.

The post explained: “We asked the very talented Chip Hoppin from @themerchcarrboro to design the perfect Covid souvenir t-shirt for our staff. A gift to thank them for what has been an incredibly difficult journey.

“Many of you have requested to buy these shirts for your own keepsake, so we have printed more of them and are selling them for pick up on our online ordering system. Take them while they last! “

It emerged that an employee, called Skyler Jay, posted a tweet about the shirts in October, saying, ‘Can we all just enjoy the amazing vibes of my new employer taking a review from an absolutely crazy star and doing a t- shirt ??? “

The tweet, which garnered over 9,000 likes, was posted on Reddit on Tuesday by user Dullahen, who simply said, “This restaurateur is a legend.” It has been voted over 60,000 times.

Jrbfd commented: “I would buy this T-shirt.”

Kangheh4533 wrote: “Not surprised it’s sold. It’s hilarious.”

Fridayesmeralda posted: “That was the track ‘free-breathing humans’ for me. It’s not a normal line that we just released.”

Update 12/11/21, 9:00 am ET: This article has been updated to add comments and photos by Shawn Stokes.

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