Learn about guaranteed online payday loans, often for bad credit

January 9, 2019


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Are you often confused by the many different providers in the loan market today? Which one to choose? Which one fits best? And what should you absolutely avoid?

Although it can be positive that there are so many options, it can also mean that you lose the overview. Therefore, we have chosen to make a small review about one of the new players on the course; namely. Here you will learn more about what makes this particular provider special, how to get the money paid and what benefits you can expect to get from this provider.

What is Loan?

A loan provider like PurplePayday.loan that helps the consumers, quickly get on with their lives when they face financial difficulties. Here you can borrow a little of everything, so whether you are looking for a place that can help you make life a little sweeter, or need help getting rid of a little too high workshop bill, then the loan can help you .

One of the great benefits of the loan is that you find one of the market’s most tailor-made solutions. Here you can choose your loan amount right down to a hundred.

But why is it an advantage? The answer to this question is purely psychological. For some people, no matter how much we can borrow – as long as it can cover the need (or more). But for a lot of people, it is a disadvantage to be locked into a given loan amount – especially if this loan amount is unnecessarily high.

As a starting point, one must assume that loan companies have an interest in borrowing as much as possible, as they thereby earn more interest. It is only logical that if a customer is creditworthy, then they will make sure they borrow as much as possible.

So let’s try to turn this into a concrete example. You have got an animal bill or a dental bill (or any other bill), and you need $ 3500. If you can only borrow 5000, 10000 or 15000 kroner, then, in this case, you borrow 5000 kroner – so you can cover the bill.

But that means you now have 1500 “left over” after the bill is paid. Here you should pay the rest on the loan, so you immediately have deducted 1500 kroner. However, this is not the reality for many of us. Especially if it is a small amount. In this case 1500 – but it could also be 1000 kroner, 500 kroner – or even 5000 kroner.
What happens – at least in the case of a lot of people – is that you are in a sense of euphoria when you have been approved for your loan and you have been paid your bill. Your problem has been solved in a “magical” way, and now you even have 1500 kroner “extra”. This extra money is typically spent on something that doesn’t make sense. It may be that suddenly there is a profit to be able to eat out for a couple of evenings – or maybe enjoy a few extra large steaks at home. Whatever you choose, you are suddenly left with a debt of 5000 kroner, to have paid a bill of 3500. And 1500 that you have “climbed away” is now getting interested.

Therefore, you can probably see that it is an advantage to be able to borrow as accurately as possible – so you do not have to put yourself in this situation and you are therefore sure that you only borrow for what you need. This means that you ultimately save interest and costs, and can move faster in the text. And here, the loan offers Denmark some of the market’s most individual solutions.

Who can borrow from loans?

As long as you are over 20 years old and not registered with the RKI, most people can get a loan on the loan. There are not so many requirements for income and documentation – but on the other hand, it is not here either you find loans of half a million. So if you need a few thousand or fifteen, you can actually get a loan today. You also do not need to find documentation and payslips as it all runs via Nem ID.

How to borrow?

The loan process itself on the loan is quite simple. Of course, you choose the loan amount you need, and once you have completed the application, you simply validate the application with Easy ID and get the money paid shortly afterward. And when we say a short time, we really mean – SHORT time. There is a reason why the page is called. You often get the money into your account within an hour – at least if you apply during the opening hours (which is far greater than with other providers).

loans are also open on weekends, so here you can also be lucky enough to get the money paid. As a rule of thumb, you can be sure that the money leaves the loan shortly after your application is approved. – And then the rest is looked up to your bank.

Besides that you get quick answers and quick payouts, it is also quite smart that you at get an account created. This makes it easy for you to keep track of your loan – and when it is paid out, you can quickly and easily make a new one. It is a very user-friendly platform and is a breath of fresh air in a market where traditional providers cannot be accused of user-friendliness.

The final judgment

All in all, is an exciting loan provider, and with quick service and extended opening time, it is also easy to get help if needed. It’s a bit of a shame that you can’t borrow more than 15,000 kroner, but hopefully, they will extend the credit limit at some point. Then there will be no reason to look elsewhere.

Quick loan

January 7, 2019


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In certain situations you just need help quickly. The car has to be repaired or a big bill has to be paid. Not always you want to use up the savings to pay expensive expenses for the family and then come in further financial shortages. Maybe you just want to quickly secure the offer for the dream trip, with which you save money.

Whatever you need a quick cash injection, the rapid credit of current match is exactly the right solution. With just a few clicks, you will receive your instant loan and can take out a quick loan. The processing of the request is done in real time – that means no second is lost. As an online platformmatch also waives paper documents and salary documents. We process your loan online quickly and without delay.

Your advantages with the online fast loan

  • Real-time: instant confirmation in seconds
  • Speed ​​counts: payout in 24 hours
  • Simple: Even with medium credit
  • Without submitting documents possible

Save yourself the way to the nearest bank branch and apply for your fast loan online.match offers you an anonymous request for a quick and easy way to secure your financing . Of course, we pay attention to the request of your personal needs. Thus, the quick loan can be applied despite Schufa, since the request is always schufaneutral. Thus, it is worthwhile even with preloaded the non-binding and free request to ask.

Prerequisite for the quick loan

For a quick loan to be paid, various conditions are necessary. There are differences between the legal requirements and the requirements of speed credit providers on the Internet.

Fast credit: fixed requirements when applying

By law, the borrower must be at least 18 years old to apply for a loan, which means he must be of legal age. This also applies to Girizard’s fast loan. In addition to age, it is necessary that the permanent residence is in Germany. The third hard criterion is a bank account at a German bank. Your IBAN must begin with “DE” (for “Germany”). A quick loan from Austria or Switzerland is unfortunately not possible.

  • Of age (over 18 years)
  • Primary residence is in Germany
  • Bannkkonto at a German bank

Soft conditions for a quick payout

If the tough criteria are met, then the application is nothing in the way! Of coursematch respects the credit check on a certain basic income. The basic income should be at least 500 euros and received monthly. This payment should also be verifiable by the money received in the account. So if you need credit fast, you should meet the following additional requirements to get it right:

  • Monthly basic income
  • “Medium” credit rating or higher
  • Solid employment of advantage

Of course, a small quick loan online is associated with lower requirements than a large loan for a property. As a result, the fast loan is similar to a microcredit or an express loan . For these forms of loans, the credit check is easier and the application is possible with a biased Schufascore. This is often known as a quick loan without Schufa , although “despite Schufa” would be a better name. Because with every almost every loan we consulted the Schufa. However, providers of short-term loans are not as strict on the valuation as a regular income is sufficient.

Loan Calculator Online

January 7, 2019


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Once you have decided to finance your new purchase with a loan, you should familiarize yourself with the numbers and consult an online loan calculator . Because in the end you do not want to pay more than necessary for your loan. But finding this out is not that easy, as banks have very different opinions.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to compare loan offers online with a loan calculator. What a high risk bank does not have to apply to a second bank as well. Therefore, you should leave the decision as to whether a loan is a good offer not to the bank but rather to the outcome of a loan calculator.

With loan application, you have the opportunity to easily and simply find a loan that is tailored to your needs. By entering the loan amount, the term and the purpose of use, you already make a pre-selection and only see the offers that meet your criteria.

The building blocks of a loan calculator

Ultimately, the variables of a loan calculator are mainly about the following six components:

  • loan amount
  • nominal interest rate
  • Additional costs / one-off costs
  • effective interest rate
  • Monthly Rate
  • Contract period

A loan calculator shows you the total costs that you have to pay when you take out a loan. You can also use the loan calculator to easily track how much prepayment and interest you make on your monthly payments. This will give you a good sense of what it costs you every month to buy something today that you do not currently have the money for or do not want to spend. All you have to do is keep track of monthly interest rates, unless there are other cost blocks.

Your advantages

The biggest advantage of the loan calculator lies in the comparison of the different offers of the banks. If you pay attention to all the important points, you should compare them very well and make the right decision for you. You can also use the loan calculator flexibly. For example, you can enter a desired loan amount, the duration, and the optimal monthly rate to determine which maximum interest rate you should pay. But you can also enter your interest rate and your monthly maximum willingness to pay and find out what the right term for your loan is.

The basic knowledge – annuity loan

Before you start with the loan calculator, for example, in Excel, you should be aware of the math. Most installment loans in Germany are so-called annuity loans. Every month, you pay the same monthly rate, your annuity. Often the last payable installment at the end of the term differs slightly from the other rates, but this is mainly due to rounding issues. However, the individual monthly installments differ in their composition.

interest and repayment

The rate consists of two components, interest and repayment. The interest component is always calculated from the nominal interest, the remaining debt and the period between two repayments. The redemption portion is the difference between the annuity and the interest. Each repayment reduces the residual debt, which also reduces the basis for the interest calculation. Thus, your interest burden decreases every month and the repayment share increases. A lower interest rate means a faster repayment at the same rate, with the same duration the monthly rate would accordingly be lower.

Credit rating, the unknown variable of the loan calculator

Credit, in simple terms, means how likely it is that you repay your loan in full and on time. Most people have a claim to actually do it right from the start. But life does not always go according to plan. For example, an accident, unemployment or a divorce can whirl up the plans. The risk that this may happen is banks are trying to estimate before lending. For this you use a variety of information.

These include, but are not limited to, your age, what your profession is, how long you’ve been employed at a company, how much of your income, what your spending, whether you’re married or not, and many other data points. In the end, the bank tries to estimate you as accurately as possible and to praise this risk. The higher the risk, the more likely it is that the bank will get back less money than you borrowed from it. Since each bank does this for its own calculation, the comparison with a loan calculator is worthwhile. The results of the loan calculator will ultimately tell you which bank suits you best as it best suits your risk profile. This is best recognized by the interest rate.

Calculate credit for installment credit

Before you actually start a credit comparison, do you want to know exactly how your financial situation develops with a loan, what is your optimal maturity, what rate you can afford and what the total cost is? Then you calculate your desired loan with a loan calculator. Of course, what matters here is your credit rating, which you must estimate by entering an interest rate. A good indicator for this is the inquiry of a Schufa self-information.

You can obtain information about your data stored at the Schufa directly from the Schufa. There you also recognize if there are any negative entries to your person. If your Schufa score is greater than 0.95, you can roughly assume that you can get a so-called 2/3 interest rate, which is the interest that two thirds of all borrowers receive on a particular type of loan. In almost every online loan calculator you find the indication of the 2/3 interest rate, since this is obligatory for the banks. § 6a of the German Price Information Ordinance (PangV) stipulates that the bank must always provide such a representative example with an annual percentage rate of charge when applying for its loan product.

Before contract conclusion: have costs in view

However, you should keep in mind that the loan calculator is not just about the obvious costs of signing a contract, but can incur costs over the life of the loan that have not been in the foreground when deciding on a installment loan, for example if you once again need more flexibility in repayments than provided for in the installment loan offer. For example, if you want to take a break of three months, but the loan only promises a free break of up to two months, you will not be able to incur costs previously calculated by the loan calculator. Therefore, use a loan calculator with special repayment. Below we have summarized a short checklist on which points you should pay attention to before concluding the contract:

  1. nominal interest rate

    The nominal interest rate indicates how your respective residual debt bears interest. It is also an indicator of how much the bank is assessing the risk that you will not be able to repay your loan, in part or not on time. But not only is your individual risk priced in, but rather your nominal interest rate is composed of five price components.

  2. Other costs

    In addition to the nominal interest, the calculator Excel can be used to cover additional costs. These additional costs may be incurred through a brokerage commission, a residual debt insurance or other fees.

  3. effective interest

    If both the nominal interest rate and all other costs are included in the total costing of your loan calculator, you will get the effective interest rate as comparison reference. This interest rate is particularly suitable for credit comparison because it leaves little room for manipulation and thus makes different credit offers comparable.

  4. Payment protection insurance

    A residual debt insurance can be a good hedge for one or the other, but this type of insurance is often very expensive and does not always cover all risks to the extent you believe. Therefore you should always consult an insurance specialist. If the conclusion of a residual debt insurance is voluntary, these costs are not reflected in the effective interest rate. Since the costs can still make a significant amount, you can include them in credit calculator Excel.

  5. prepayment penalty

    Most banks now waive a prepayment penalty in whole, in part or on specific payment dates. However, you are legally entitled under §502 paragraph (3) BGB (https://dejure.org/gesetze/BGB/502.html), a prepayment penalty, if you want to repay your loan early. You may repay your loan at any time, but if the remaining contractual maturity is more than a year, it will cost you an additional 1% of the outstanding debt. If the remaining term is less than one year at least 0.5%. Use loan calculator to test how a prepayment penalty affects your actual cost of credit.

After completion: balance and costs monitor

After a contract, the time of repayment begins. Again, there are some points to note that you should probably think of before. With an Excel Loan Calculator, you can also perform some simulations during the repayment phase. Here is a short, certainly not complete list of points to watch out for.


You should always know what the current balance is and how much you have to pay to repay the loan. You should first inform yourself how often and in detail you receive information about your loan from your bank, what it costs to repay it prematurely, and how you can adjust the repayments at what cost.

Flexibility in repayment

Not in a loan calculator is the flexibility in the repayment. These are mainly free intermediate repayments, the early repayment of the entire remaining debt, installment breaks, rate adjustments and maturity changes. These are the topics that banks offer, and you should first think carefully about which points are most important to you and include them in your decision to make a loan. For example, many banks limit the amount of free special repayments per calendar year to a certain amount, otherwise you would miss too much interest income. If you know that on certain dates you will receive cash receipts that you can freely dispose of, you should make sure that you are entitled to free special redemption possibilities in the amount of the expected incoming payments. This saves you interest costs, as you will see when entering in the credit calculator Excel with special repayment.


Not considered is the point of data usage. Although the new General Data Protection Regulation has strengthened consumers’ rights, you may have to click on a newsletter or agree that you may be contacted by the bank. Some banks are thus trying to convince the borrower to bundle all loans with a cheap initial loan offer. This can sometimes strain the post office box and nerves.

Additional Costs: Your Time – Installment Online vs. Online. Offline

Once you have dealt with the loan calculator, you will probably find that many online offers are cheaper than what you get in a store. This need not always be the case, but is usually explained by the higher costs that a branch operation brings with it. But with an online installment loan, it’s not just about the cost, but also about the effort you have to ultimately receive your payout. These costs are of course also not shown in a loan calculator, but should definitely be taken into account. Because finding documents, scanning or copying, the way to the post office, these are all things that cost you a lot of time. For example, with an online digital loan, you can apply for a loan in minutes without pen or paper. Often, you do not need more than a smartphone, your account access data for a credit check, and your ID card.

Credit Online – Long Term Loan up to EUR 10,000

January 7, 2019


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Credit is one of the ways an individual can borrow money. Usually the borrower receives a lump sum (principal) from the lender and reimburses it with a certain additional premium (interest rate and any loan payments). Payments are made at regular intervals during the term of the loan. Many loans are issued without collateral, which means that the does not need a home or car as a guarantee.

Long-term loans are usually structured as contribution loans that are repaid over a specified period of time. The loan amounts and terms are very different, depending on the country and the lender. The goal of ONEfinance.lv is to make sure that you get the best loan we can offer based on your individual financial and credit standing.

The interest rates on these loans are usually determined by the lender and may vary depending on various factors such as the borrower’s creditworthiness and the amount and period of the loan requested. Rates are usually fixed during the loan period and are calculated as an annual interest rate (APR). If you qualify for a loan through ONEfinance.lv, we will find our best loan offer based on your financial eligibility.

There is no limit to the use of funds. credits are most often used to cover unexpected expenses, pay for large home or car purchases or consolidated debts.

To determine how much you can borrow, fill out our simple online application form to verify compliance, or contact our customer support department today for more information.

Reasons to get a credit

credit is perfect for people with verifiable income and good credit history, but with limited resources. In other words, these loans seem to be a real salvage for young professionals who need to cover a major event or unforeseen cost.

credit is a good opportunity to pay for big expenses like wedding expenses.
credit is also a great opportunity for people who buy a house for the first time. If you can’t afford a mortgage to buy your dream house right away, a loan for repair will help you improve your current living conditions.

Long-term loan

More and more borrowers are choosing long-term loans instead of traditional quick loans. Many customers find that the entire repayment of loans and interest on the next payday brings financial pressure, especially if the loan is received in an emergency. In many cases, people who receive quick loans are unable to make a refund after 15 to 30 days, so they choose to take out new loans to cover their existing debts, or to extend the credit, which significantly increases costs.

For this reason, a long-term loan is a more responsible choice. The customer can make a refund within 5, 6 or 12 months, which gives much more flexibility. In addition, the borrower can keep the loan amount for a longer period of time and make smaller monthly payments that provide more control over personal finances.

Loans for the self-employed without collateral

January 7, 2019


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A self-employed loan is a difficult business if no collateral is provided. As a rule, banks thoroughly check whether the applicant fulfills certain criteria before awarding a loan amount. For the credit institution, this check is important to secure the return of the lent sum. Since self-employed persons can not provide one of the main criteria, namely a foreseeable, fixed and regular income, they often have problems obtaining a loan from the bank, which often means that only a private loan is eligible. If the person concerned does not know anyone who can lend him money in the form of such a personal loan, the matter becomes more and more difficult because, for example, the car loan can not be taken up or the planned rescheduling can not be carried out. Loans for the self-employed without collateral are by no means impossible, even if banks often give this impression.

What are the options if the bank refuses the loan?

If the bank does not agree to lending and even a personal loan from friends or relatives is out of the question, a credit comparison that can be made quickly and easily on the Internet can lead to the desired amount of money. An online loan often has good conditions and, depending on the total, can even be applied for without the often dreaded Schufa information. Some of them are sometimes even available as instant loans – which is particularly attractive for the self-employed, as they often need spontaneously money for well-conditioned investments, repairs or repairs.

With regard to an online installment loan , it is important to pay attention to a reputable provider and to read the terms and conditions closely, because even loan agreements concluded in this way are legally binding. Provide information about the trustworthiness of a provider, in addition to testimonials from other customers, the seals of the TÜV and test reports from different institutions. Through a credit comparison, such as at smava, it is possible to apply for self-employed loans without collateral quickly, easily and discreetly and to select the best conditions. Such flexible forms of financing allow craftsmen, freelancers, artists, and startup entrepreneurs to continue working with financial security and new financial freedom.

Loan without SCHUFA for German

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Is a new loan product establishing itself on the market? The loan is still unknown to many consumers in name. The thing as such, however, is very old. Many years ago, the Swiss company Schweizer Finanz AG launched the “Swiss Credit”, better known as credit without Schufa or Schufa-free credit. Thus, the bank from St. Gallen turned to German consumers whose Schufa was too weak to receive credit in Germany through a bank.

Switzerland does not have an institution like the Schufa, so both the Schufa inquiry and the Schufa entry were dropped. The seizable part of the income or other collateral served as collateral. However, in 2009 Swiss Federal Finance Court was prohibited by a federal court from continuing to offer these types of loans in Germany. The company did not have a license for distribution in Germany.

The solution was that the Swiss founded a bank in , which since then provided Schufa-free loans not from Switzerland but from to German consumers.

How does the loan work?

The bank behind it is the Sigma Bank. The loan is an extremely standardized product. The loan amounts are fixed at 3,500 euros, 5,000 euros and 7,500 euros. The duration is uniformly 40 months. The interest rate is around eleven percent. This is the basis for monthly installments of 105 euros, 150 euros and 225 euros. There are no commissions or fees in advance.

For the borrower, this means that he knows exactly when he / she is applying what the costs are. For German banks, the final interest and thus the rate only after the final credit check.

Which requirements are necessary for a loan?

Despite the omitted Schufa examination, a loan does not mean that the bank forgives it without conditions. The following requirements must be fulfilled by the applicants:

  • An at least one year old unfinished employment relationship.
  • The employment relationship must be indefinite.
  • The age of majority of the applicant is mandatory.
  • The customer must prove his permanent residence in Germany.
  • There must be no seizure.
  • In an ongoing bankruptcy, the loan is not possible.

What is the level of potential credit?

It seems strange at first, but the amount of credit available depends not only on income, but also on the tax code.

For tax classes I, II, IV and VI, the borrower has to prove a net income of € 1,150 for the loan amount of € 3,500. For tax classes III and V, a net income of EUR 1,600 is required. Living dependents in the household increases the necessary income.

For the loan amount of 5,000 euros, some other income standards apply. Thus, the applicant in the wage tax classes I, II, IV and VI must have a net income of 1,600 euros necessary. In tax classes III and V it increases to 1,900 euros. Also with this credit volume a higher income applies, if dependent persons live in the household.

What about a loan amount of 7,500 euros? In tax classes I, II, IV and VI the applicant has to draw a monthly net of 1,800 euros, in tax classes III and V it is 2,100 euros.

The payment is made either to the applicant’s account or in cash. How quickly the applicant receives the money also depends a little on his intervention, since he must send the necessary documents to the bank. Digital application with electronic signature is not possible. As a rule, it takes one week from the receipt of the documents in to the payment of the loan.

What is the security?

Anyone who looks at the income limits, notes that these are located above the valid in Germany levy exemption. Thus, the lender creates the necessary leeway to be able to arrange a seizure in the event of a loan default.

Here is a section of the table for seizure exemptions. NEK stands for net income, UHP for dependent persons.

to UHP:
1 2 3 4 5+
0.00 1,139.99
1,140.00 1,149.99 4.34
1,150.00 1,159.99 11.34
1,160.00 1,169.99 18.34
1,170.00 1,179.99 25.34
1,180.00 1,189.99 32.34
1,190.00 1,199.99 39.34
1,200.00 1,209.99 46.34
1,210.00 1,219.99 53.34
1,220.00 1,229.99 60.34

For whom is the loan in question?

At first glance, it becomes clear that a loan is not intended for large investments. But it helps very nicely to bridge smaller bottlenecks or to make an acquisition, for which the money is currently missing. This form of loan is not only suitable for consumers with low Schufa. It is also suitable for all those who, for whatever reason, do not want an entry on a loan in the Schufa.

Secure the cheapest interest

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Many vendors advertise their loans as a quick loan or a quick loan and an immediate loan commitment. There are two questions:

  • How is a fast loan different from a conventional loan?
  • How fast is “fast”?

Of course, this raises the question of whether quick loans may be more expensive than loans with a normal payout period.

What makes a quick loan with instant confirmation?

If you need money, you usually need it in a timely manner to create your needs. A quick loan sounds really tempting. But at this point we have to do a bit of clarification.

Immediate confirmation

Anyone who selects a loan as a borrower via a credit comparison portal and applies for it online usually receives an immediate loan commitment if the credit rating is sufficient. It does not matter if the loan is called Quick Loan, Personal Loan, Premium Loan or whatever. The loan commitment and usually the loan application are immediately available as a download and as an e-mail.

At this point, however, the credit chaff separates from quick-loan wheat. Many banks are technologically not yet at the height of what is feasible today. In the worst case, the customer must print out the loan application form, sign it, make photocopies of payroll and account statements, and then, armed with the ID card, return all documents to the bank under the PostIdent procedure.

At this point, the quick loan becomes a “wait-for-call-out-of-time loan”. If the documents are complete at the bank, the loan is usually paid out within 24 hours.

So it’s up to the customer, how long it takes from application to payment. The faster he sends the papers back, the faster he gets his money.

Fortunately, the VideoIdent process has been adopted by many banks. Although this does not eliminate the way to the mailbox, the mail to the bank can be put into the mailbox at any time. The identification requires only a terminal with sound and camera function in order to carry out the legitimization of the home.

A real quick loan uses all the options that the Internet offers today to shorten application processes. If the customer not only has the option of video identification, but can also upload his documents via PDF and make an electronic signature, nothing stands in the way of fast processing by the institute.

In this case, we can speak of a real quick loan, urgent loan or instant loan. The electronic application process merges seamlessly into the financial credit check and transfer of the desired loan amount.

Incidentally, the interest rates are absolutely identical, regardless of whether a customer decides to fully submit the application, or prefer to send his documents by post. The speed of settlement does not increase the price of the loan.

The mini loan as a quick loan

FinTechs have been offering so-called mini-loans in cooperation with specialist banks for some time now. These are loans between 100 and a maximum of 3,000 euros. The application process is extremely slim, sometimes waive the providers even on a request. Minkredits can be paid out within 24 hours, if all necessary proofs are available to the offerer until 14 o’clock. The entire application, including signature, is made digitally.

The thing, however, has a catch. These companies can be paid for the 24-hour processing with a so-called “express fee”.

If you are looking for a real quick loan but do not want to pay any extra costs, you should look for credit providers who are looking for a fully electronic application including a digital signature. He is on the safe side with that.

Mini loan IMMEDIATELY disbursement

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Recently, the term ” mini-credit ” appears more and more often. Many consumers are wondering what exactly is behind it. Commercial banks and savings banks often issue installment loans only in the four-digit range. They argue that the cost of working on smaller loans would exceed the yield. Alternatively, they offer the Dispo. What if a customer only needs a loan over 400 euros, but rejects a dispo because he has no clear repayment requirements?

Provider overview

Mini loans online are loans in the range between 100 and 3,000 euros. The repayment period varies between 15 days and 90 days, depending on the loan amount. Usually, the loan is returned with the following payroll. However, there is an exception among the providers. There, the mini loan is offered as a credit line, so it works like a credit line. At this company, new customers receive the first month as a free, that is interest-free “Probemonat”.

Who can apply for a mini loan?

The requirements are

  • majority
  • Residence in Germany
  • Bank account in Germany
  • Minimum income (usually € 500 a month)
  • No over-indebtedness
  • Mini loans are also available for students, retirees and the unemployed

The relatively generous lending has to do with the relatively small loan amounts. The lenders are less involved in the award than banks and savings banks for larger sums. The providers are so-called FinTechs who do not lend themselves. The funds come from partner banks, which have also focused on the online business.

For new customers, the first-time loans, depending on the lender, are limited to amounts between 300 and 600 euros.

Mini loan available immediately

Mini loans advertise with a clear plus. The application is completely online, the money is available on request the next day.

What is the cost of a mini loan?

For a classic mini loan, there are no additional costs other than interest. Depending on the provider, the interest rates are between 7.95 percent pa and 14.99 percent annually. Even if interest rates seem quite high at first glance, it should not be forgotten that they only cost very little. How this works in practice, the following table shows a provider of mini loans:

loan amount 300 € 400 € 500 €
running time 30 days 30 days 30 days
Debit interest for 30 days 3,27 € 4,36 € 5,45 €
redemption amount 303,27 € 404.36 € 505.45 €

The underlying annual percentage rate is 14.99 percent.

Additional fees are incurred if the borrower wishes to receive the money the very next day. However, the prerequisite is that all documents for the credit check are available by 2 pm.

Is there a mini loan without ?

A mini loan is in fact without , that is also available at a negative entry. Although not all providers renounce the request, the chances of receiving a mini loan despite their poor credit rating are nevertheless very good. The risk of a loan default is limited due to the small amount of loans for the lenders and therefore quite feasible.

Thus, a mini loan without , for example, is suitable for all those who, for lack of sufficient creditworthiness, do not receive a credit line from their bank.

Cheapest online loan

January 7, 2019


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This is the offer for all bargain hunters and bargain hunters: Germany’s cheapest online loan at an annual percentage rate of 0.99% (at € 1,500 loan amount, 36 months maturity, 0.99% bound lending rate.) Representative example in accordance with §6a PAngV it is exclusive.

But not only the price is unbeatable. Another trump card of the special offer: Germany’s lowest-priced online loan can be used by every customer on the same terms, as it is not dependent on creditworthiness . Flexibility is not indispensable – early repayment of the loan is possible at any time without additional costs.

For example, if you need a microcredit for a mobile phone financing or other purchases, or if you would like to spontaneously go on vacation, you should take advantage of the unique opportunity now. Because Germany’s cheapest online loan can help you to realize your wishes at really minimal cost.

How do you get Germany’s cheapest online loan?

The fixed rate is valid for a term of 36 months and a loan amount of 1,500 euros. Everyone can benefit from this special offer, regardless of whether they are employees, the self-employed or retirees . Even when using you have a free hand. Whether Germany’s cheapest online loan for the rescheduling of old loans, for a long-awaited holiday trip, for renovation or other purchases is used, is entirely up to you. So now you have the chance to fulfill your projects and wishes even more favorably than before. To offer .

In a few steps to the cheapest online loan

It’s that easy:

  • In the credit comparison of select a loan amount of 1,500 euros and at maturity 36 months
  • For the displayed loan offers, select the loan from “credit-preferred”
  • Complete the online loan application
  • Send the loan offer received along with an identification by post-ID procedure
  • After checking the documents, the loan is paid out to the customer’s account

We also advertise the special offer on TV, including on channels such as Pro7, Sat1 and Kabel 1. Of course, you can also view our current spots on our YouTube channel.

Cheap Online Loans with Best Price Guarantee

The credit comparison of offers you many more cheap online loans. We negotiated the particularly favorable conditions exclusively for you with our partner banks. We confirm this even with our best price guarantee.

“If you need a cheap loan quickly and easily, then you have come to the right place,” explains Alexander Artopé, managing director and co-founder of GmbH. “Our offer, Germany’s cheapest online loan ‘keeps what its name promises: A credit on best terms for everyone.”

Personal Loans: reviews on loan and assignment of the fifth

January 7, 2019


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If you are interested in applying for loans then this page will be very useful to know the opinions of users who have received funding from this company. Before proceeding with the loan application it is in fact important to read the customer reviews to know what they think of the treatment received from the financial and would recommend it to a friend. Let’s see what the opinions are about the main characteristics that are sought in a loan, starting from the economic conditions of the personal loan . By choosing this product you can access an amount that reaches up to 30,000 euros. “My experience with was excellent. I was interested in a personal loan of 20,000 euros for the purchase of a car and before proceeding with the request I compared different quotes , which prompted me to choose the loan for convenience and flexibility “. This is just one of the many positive opinions that we have found by visiting the major industry forums, which shows how the personal loans are perfect even for lower amounts: “I asked for a loan of 5,000 euros to buy some furniture. ‘s consultants were immediately very friendly and helpful, and the terms of the loan were excellent even compared to the competition “.

As for the economic treatment, the opinions published online by customers confirm what can be seen simply by performing an online simulation on the company’s website. A very important feature of personal loans for which it is necessary to read user reviews is the timing of disbursement . On the website, it is underlined how the disbursement takes place within 48 hours from the acceptance of the request for funding. But is it really like that? From the opinions we have found online, delivery times are extremely low and usually do not exceed two days. “I needed an urgent loan and I turned to . I was immediately reassured and actually after only one day the money requested by me was available on my current account “. Many opinions are particularly concise but confirm what has been said so far: ” Professional and fast “, ” Very fast and fast “, ” Efficient and extremely fast service . With there is maximum transparency and the costs of financing are very competitive “.

To evaluate a financial product, it is also good to analyze the negative reviews . Although the former are many more, from the negative ones you can find some faults of the loans. In particular, some users complain about the delivery times: “They say that the disbursement takes place in just 48 hours but then I had to wait 9 days for the approval of my request for funding. It was an urgent loan for the purchase of a washing machine. By contacting customer service I have not received clear answers regarding the reasons for the delay in approval “. Another customer was even worse: ” I waited 15 days to receive a loan of 4000 euros even though I was already an customer and had just finished repaying a loan of 8 years”. The waiting times for the disbursement of the personal loan depend on various factors such as the customer’s economic situation and the checks carried out by the company. In some cases there may be hitches in practice as can happen to any company, which is why we feel we do not give too much weight to negative reviews on loans.

Among the features that are highlighted in the positive reviews is the great flexibility of loans. “I needed a loan of 25,000 euros but not having a particularly high monthly income I wanted to set light installments . With the personal loans I had the chance to choose a repayment plan lasting 10 years! “. personal loans have a duration ranging from 12 months up to 120 months and which can be chosen by the customer at the time of the request according to their needs. Moreover, as can be seen from many positive reviews published online, all the additional services offered by to its customers are also highly appreciated. “I found the Installment Jump and Rata Change options very interesting. With the loans you have the possibility to change the characteristics of the loan during repayment , without any additional cost “; “With the personal loans, I had a great time. Thanks to the Salto Rata option I could avoid paying the repayment installment set in a month when I had to face several unexpected expenses: without this service I do not know how I could have done it! “.

Review: withdrawal times and loan conditions

A particular form of financing offered by is the sale of the fifth . This type of loan, as you probably already know, is aimed exclusively at employees and pensioners. Also in this case we take a look at the opinions of users to see if it is a convenient solution or not. The first thing that is highlighted in the many positive reviews published online concerns the required requirements. “Thanks to the sale of the fifth , I was able to receive the 20,000 euro loan I wanted without any real guarantee . The paycheck was enough to gain access to the credit “. With the sale of the fifth you have an advantage from the point of view of the guarantees but not only, since it is the ideal solution even for those who are in a particular situation: “I have been reported in the past as a bad payer and this has brought many banks to deny me any kind of financing. With the sale of the fifth with the presentation of the paycheck, I was able to receive the 10,000 euro loan I needed. The staff was very kind and very fast “.

With the sale of the fifth it is therefore possible to receive the sum of money desired simply by presenting the paycheck or the pension slip. For this reason , delivery times are also lower than other forms of loans: “Thanks to the completely online application procedure, I was able to proceed with sending the application in a few minutes . Once I received the positive reply from it took less than a day to have the 8,000 euros I had requested “. Very satisfied with the delivery times is another customer who underlines that “With the sale of the fifth I received the 5,000 euros I needed in just 2 days . For the request I went to the branch where I found a very well prepared consultant who advised me the most convenient solution for me “. Therefore, with the assignment of the fifth, the withdrawal times are reduced, given that the only guarantee is the income document and no further verification by the company is required.

The economic treatment offered with the sale of the fifth is perfect for all those who are interested in receiving a loan but with light installments. With this type of loan the amount that we will pay each month can not exceed one fifth of the salary or net pension received. Users of the main forums are fully satisfied with the loan terms offered by with the transfer of the fifth. “I requested the transfer of the fifth because I needed a loan of 10,000 euros . My salary is € 1,200 per month , so based on what is specified on the website, the maximum rate that I can face is € 240 . With the sale of the fifth I was offered a repayment plan for 48 months , with comfortable installments of 235 euros “. This is just one of the many positive experiences that underline the fact that it is very useful to fix light installments in order to avoid problems with repayment.

So the reviews regarding the sale of the fifth are for the most part very positive. For this reason we would like to recommend this type of loan as well as all other forms of personal loans offered by . As emphasized in the opinions published by the users of the main forums in fact this company is very reliable and the staff is extremely available for any need, either by going to the branch or by contacting the company by phone. We have also seen how the personal loans are among the best around first of all in terms of delivery times, since it takes less than 48 hours to have available the amount of money desired. Furthermore, with the assignment of the fifth, there is a further advantage from the point of view of the requirements and the ease with which it is possible to have access to the credit. Finally, as confirmed by customers in the opinions published online, the conditions of loans are very convenient , which is why loans are among the most demanded ever.