How to find your way through the consumer loan jungle

January 7, 2019


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In Denmark we are so fortunate that we have easy access to various quick loans and consumer loans. In short, this means that we can get help relatively quickly if we one day come out to experience financial difficulties.

Generally speaking, the Danes have a good economy, and there are many things we must be grateful and proud of – when we compare ourselves with some of our other fellow human beings in the world. But that does not mean that we cannot all get into a situation where it is necessary for us to get some extra money on our pocket right now.

When you end up in this situation, it is important to spend a few moments stopping and thinking. It doesn’t matter where you borrow money, as there can often be big differences in both what the loan entails and how expensive it is in costs. Therefore, we recommend that you always thoroughly familiarize yourself with the issues before signing their loan agreement. And in this article we will try to provide some tips on how to easily find the way through the many offers that are available.

The best lenders in Denmark together in one place

If you need a consumer loan, it is of utmost priority that you find a provider you are comfortable with. There are many loan providers and banks that have a slightly bleak reputation and which can be a good idea to avoid. But it is probably not many of us who have the time to ask questions every time we have to decide where we should become customers. This is why pages such as trust pilots have become increasingly popular with time. Here it is quick and easy to see other customers’ experiences with the company. The same is also true for many of the companies’ social media, where one can also get a good insight into what one can expect as a customer.

But one thing, of course, is what service one can expect. Of course, another thing is whether the company offers what you need. It may be so nice that a loan provider has 5/5 stars on all reporting sites, but if they do not offer loans in the credit framework you need, then it may be somewhere.

One last thing one should also be aware of is how the provider is purely priced. Since there may be large differences in both interest rates, sizes of various fees, whether regular fees come – and so on, it can often be difficult to find out where to go.

Fortunately, many good comparison sites have gradually arrived, where you as a customer can easily and easily get all the information in one place.

Here you can typically both see the company’s scores from various media, just as you quickly get an overview of what you are going to have to pay back.

The best loan calculators are based on several things. They often work in the way that you enter it, amounts you need, and then calculate the best offers for you. They are presented in a nice and easy-to-read overview, so you can quickly see some of the most important aspects of the loan. Often, reviews are also linked from various sites, so you can quickly see what others’ views and experience says.

In this way you will quickly get a detailed overview of which loan providers in Denmark make the most sense for you to contact.

Read the conditions carefully

Okay, this point may seem a bit ridiculous. But there are many Danes who do not investigate where they actually lend her money. What can be the risk in such a case is that there may be several different pitfalls of the loan. For example, it can often make sense to repay a loan in advance as it saves on interest and any payment fees.

But it is worth mentioning that not all providers offer that you can pay the loan out of time – and that is quite a simple reason behind it; That’s what they live on. Therefore, they are also not interested in an od paying, paying back in time.

But with such a tool as what I mentioned above, it often does not take long to find out where it makes the most sense for you to borrow.

One of the things you should pay particular attention to is whether the loan can be repaid before time. If it is possible for you to deposit more than what the loan was originally set for, then you have the opportunity to save money on the interest by depositing when you have more profits. This can be, for example, if you get tax money back, holiday pay paid and so on.

In addition to reading conditions and making sure that the loan can be repaid before time, it is also important that you remember to keep track of how much money you owe – and to which. It is important that you do not lose track of your finances. If you always know how much money you owe, then you sometimes have the opportunity to pay out some small loans along the way, so you get the loan out of the world faster.

A good way to get rid of your loans while maintaining the overview is if you always go to pay out the smallest loans first. When you have paid it out, you take the money you have normally paid in installments, and add the payment to the next loan, and so on. This is also called the “snowball” method , and can be a good help to keep track of its repayments, and at the same time get the loans paid out faster. It does, however, require some degree of self-discipline in order to not just spend the extra money to sweeten life.