Consumer loan online for 30 days

January 7, 2019


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Have you fallen over your dream trip? Or maybe the dream car? Or are your needs more simple, and you really just want a dishwasher that actually cleans? Then it may be an obvious opportunity for you to look for a consumer loan. Many will warn against taking up consumer loans – especially for “luxury” like holidays or a new car, but consumer loans definitely don’t have to be as dangerous as many people make them.

It is quite normal to take out loans of one kind or another – for example, there will never be anyone commenting on the fact that you are taking out a mortgage loan – or a car loan. But for some reason there has been a tendency to look negatively on consumer loans, although “consumption” may be absolutely as legitimate as anything else. Keep in mind that money does not necessarily have to be “wasted”. But it may be that you want to invite the children or grandchildren for a good dinner, a trip, or maybe just give some extra good gifts this year. And instead of having to hand over all the money at once, it can in many cases be easier to divide the amount into small chunks. And as long as one has reason and does not make his repayments too high, and does not borrow more money than one is sure to return, there will be no problems in the wake of consumer loans.

The big advantage of consumer loans is that the money is not earmarked for any particular purpose. For example, you typically get a really good interest rate on a home loan – but you can also only spend the money on housing. By choosing a professional bank to issue you a consumer loan, you are assured that you will receive good treatment without the bank having to interfere with what you spend on the money. Among other things, one can buy cheap consumer loans at – one of the country’s largest banks, and with the computer it is quite easy to see the interest rate on ‘s consumer loans for 30 days online . Admittedly, 30 days may not be enough to pay off the new car, but it may well be a good option for you who may have just a few unforeseen expenses or bills, and who are already thinking “soon be the first” . In short, there may be a sea of ​​different reasons for looking for a consumer loan – and sometimes it can even go to the house, despite the fact that one cannot increase the home loan. For example, many renovation projects and energy optimizations are not covered by the housing loan criteria – here, consumer loans can be a good option.

You have probably noticed that the web is crowded with companies that want to lend you money – almost free. But if one starts to go all the good deals a little bit at the seams, one quickly finds out that the offer may be a little too good to be true. This is because these companies only live by issuing short-term loans and therefore typically make it at very high interest rates. If you choose an established bank, there are good chances that consumer loans are not a big part of their business – and therefore they see it more as a service and an opportunity to get new customers than a product they have to earn. a lot of money on. If you have bills to be paid, it can thus be a good idea to examine the interest rate at eg , as here you get the benefits of a professional bank without you having to worry about being cheated. And in many places you can find an easy and clear loan calculator so you know exactly what it costs you to borrow the money.

Many will probably recommend you to contact your own bank first – and in particular your own bank will probably recommend that you contact them first. But it is important to remember that you are already a customer there. And since you probably already have several activities with them, it is not so likely that you move it all to another bank. And your bank adviser knows that well. Therefore, you can often be eaten with an interest rate that is a bit higher than you could otherwise get – simply because of the security of using your own bank, and that after all it is just ‘easier’ to shop one place.

Conversely, other banks’ incentives to give you good interest rates and a fair treatment are far greater, as they really want you as a customer. And if you, for example, need a quick loan, it may be an idea to apply for a consumer loan with . The bank will see it as an opportunity to bring in a new customer, and if there is anything we all know, it is that companies are more interested in getting new customers than holding on to the old ones. How often have you not been called by sellers who will sell you a mobile subscription? Or an insurer who would like to drive 30 kilometers to get out and review your insurance policies – for free. And then think about how many times you have recently been called by your existing supplier?

It is exactly the same with banks, and the banks see consumer loans as a good way to get new customers in the store. Often, the amounts are not particularly high (not for a bank at least), and it is therefore worth “running the risk”. Nor does it require the large resources to approve a loan application – but the possibility of getting you in as a customer with the rest of your activities can be worth the money for the bank.

Having said that, it may be a good idea to turn the offer from a competing bank with your own bank. As a result, the bank becomes aware that they will have to rise, and if you are lucky, you may risk starting a smaller price war so you are guaranteed the best interest rate or the best benefits.